Dear Customers,

We have enjoyed our conversations with so many of you and we have been overwhelmed by your positive support through this process.  Through the conversations over the last ten days, it is clear that there is confusion, and in many cases misinformation, around what has taken place between Medfusion and Allscripts, and specifically around what you can expect from Medfusion going forward. My intention for this message is to set the record straight:

Medfusion’s agreement with Allscripts terminated as of midnight on April 24, 2014 due to a payment dispute.

  • Allscripts had ample notice and opportunity before termination to resolve its payment defaults but chose not to. 
  • Allscripts no longer has the right to bill you for our portal and/or website services. We are not billing them so we don’t understand how they can be billing you.

Medfusion will continue to support the interoperability between our patient portal and/or website service with Allscripts beyond October 1, 2014.

  • Maintaining the integration has always been part of our plan and we will support this interoperability for as long as our clients need it.  In fact, we have never said that we would turn off the integration at any point. 
  • Given that Allscripts sold you the solution, we would expect that Allscripts would continue to support its side of this bidirectional interface beyond 10/1/14, to avoid any impact to Meaningful Use 2 attestation for practices who are using the Allscripts solution. 
  • However, Allscripts has commented that they cannot guarantee integration beyond 10/1/14.  For this reason, and because we believe we can do much better, we are building our own integration that will include added features to further engage your patients who are using the portal today. 

 Medfusion is focused on our customers and helping to engage patients.

  • There is no need to disrupt your practice and deal with the extremely challenging task of getting your patients to re-register on another portal solution. You can remain on the Medfusion Patient Portal.  
  • We are offering month-to-month contracts that enable you to continue Meaningful Use 2 initiatives without disruption. Also, we want to give you the opportunity to evaluate what is the right go-forward portal solution for you and your practice on your own schedule.  For us, we want the opportunity to earn your business.
  • Simply submit a Service Continuation Form by May 28, 2014 and we will send you a new contract. It is that easy. By establishing a direct relationship with Medfusion, your practice can continue using the Medfusion Patient Portal for your Meaningful Use attestation in 2014 and beyond. 

I hope this letter helps to answer your questions and clears up any unnecessary confusion.  Please call 1-877-599-5120 or email if you have additional questions. We are also posting up-to-date customer information on


Vern Davenport
President, Medfusion